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The Quest for the Best Weed Grinder

The humble grinder is one of the most essential tools that any joker, smoker, or midnight toker should have in their kit. And even if you aren’t a space cowboy, it could come in pretty handy for you, too!

But where did these now-ubiquitous and indispensable tools come from? Why do you really need a grinder? Most importantly of all: how do you actually figure out which weed grinder is the best grinder out there?

It doesn’t matter if you are choosing your very first Cool grinders or you are a seasoned shredder looking to level up: choosing a grinder when there’s so many options can be tough! Fortunately, we’ve shredded our heaps of research down to fine, easy to consume facts to provide a smooth, even guide to grinders… of all kind(er)s.

The OG (Original Grinder): How Two Sentient Kangaroos Revolutionized the Marijuana Industry

Before grinders came along, humans were already smoking cannabis and other herbs. After herbs were dried, the most common way to prepare them for ingestion was shredding by hand, by knife, or with an old-school mortar and pestle – basically just a hammer and a bowl.

These methods work, but result in waste and are largely inefficient. Grinders are a more effective means to prepare cannabis for consumption. And so, tired of shredding by hand, at the turn of the 20th century, two kangaroos Australians would create something… remarkable.

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