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How To Control The Munchies After Using the Pineapple Express Terpene?

The Pineapple Express terpenes have got a lot of popularity due to its namesake movie called ‘’The Pineapple Express’’. The hilarious stoner movie was loved by many people and this terpene reached the height of its popularity after the movie came out.

If you have ever tried this strain, you know how it can give you munchies. The insatiable hunger you feel when you just can’t stop eating is fun for a while, but it can make you feel sick after some time. After all, too much food can make you feel nauseous.

So is there any way you can control the munchies when you try terpenes for anxiety? Well, here are some great tips regarding just that.

#1: Eat Schedule Meals Properly Before You Vape

When it comes to Pineapple Express terpenes or any terpene for that matter, the best way to keep munchies at bay is to make sure that you eat the scheduled meals properly. For persons who are not on scheduled meals regularly, it can cause an attack of the munchies which can totally ruin their calorie goals for the day. So the best tip is to eat regularly and make sure to get your proteins and fats in.

This will help you keep the munchies at bay because your blood glucose levels will be better.

#2: Be Busy

Another good way to not let the munchies hit you badly is to get busy. Staying active by watching an entertaining movie or playing video games, or having a stimulating conversation with a friend, while enjoying your dried herbs and flowers, is a great idea. This will help you keep your mind away from the munchies and help you better avoid them altogether.

#3: Brush Your Teeth

When it comes to terpenes for anxiety, it is best to get the taste of it out of your mouth. How to do that? Well, by brushing your teeth. The minty flavors may just prevent you from staying away from another of those lovely pieces of brownies you can’t seem to stop eating!

#4: Don’t Have Snack Items in the House

Another good idea to not let the munchies get their way is to not have snack items present in the house. Just don’t keep these items handy and you will have an easier time dealing with the munchies.

The Pineapple Express strain is a wonderful one to try the next time. Keep these tips in mind and handle those munchies well.


What 2 strains make Pineapple Express?

Pineapple Express comes from the cross of its parent strains, Trainwreck and Hawaiian. So how does Pineapple Express smell? Pineapple Express has a tropical fruity pineapple and citrus aroma.

What does Pineapple Express help with?

Limonene has been shown in preliminary studies to have anti-inflammatory and anti-asthmatic properties. The Pineapple Express cannabis strain, which contains high levels of limonene, may promote uplift and ease while reducing inflammation and inflammatory pain.

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